Conversion of buses

Choosing a car – a complex and lengthy process. When buying a vehicle, we pay attention not only to technical characteristics, but also in appearance, the nature of the car.

Some would say that a minibus all very different, the main thing in them – this is an opportunity comfortable transportation of passengers. We choose from the fact that we are offering, based on the typical consumer preferences, the developer. But satisfied if such an order of things all owners of this vehicle? The answer is clear – of course not.

That’s why there was and became popular such a service as retrofitting trucks.

What is this service? Many will say that this remake of the cabin. And, in general, they will be right. However, just caution you to think that the conversion of the cabin – a change of skin. New interior trim minivan – is only a small part of the opportunities provided services for the conversion.

What else can I do? Almost all. And this is not a rant. Alterations salon minivan includes a range of activities:

  • constriction salon as part of (for example, only the seats, floor or wall), and completely;
  • Heat, noise and vibration isolation of interior;
  • Change arrangement of seats, adding other furniture parts (eg, tables, shelves);
  • Install additional light, sound, various automotive electronics;
  • Remaking windows (glazing replacement, toning), hatches;
  • Full conversion of a van under the wishes of the customer (for example, creating a kind of mobile home, a van for leisure activities, special-purpose vans, and more).

Thanks to modern technologies and materials can be transformed into an ordinary van unrecognizable, creating a truly exclusive vehicle.

The service for the conversion of a van is not for everyone. This is not a mass-production is to create a unique vehicle. But if you’re not used to the standards of individuality and want everything, then the company «GT-auto» offers.

The company «GT-auto», named after its founder (GT – Georgy Tikan), a recognized professional in the market for the conversion of buses. Conversion vans in Ukraine began to develop in the early ’90s, and at the beginnings of this trend was our company. Since 1995 we have been working in this field and, without false modesty, we can say that we have achieved the highest level. To date, dozens of our students successfully provide services to conversion vans in the territory of Ukraine, CIS countries and even Europe. And it gives us an incentive not to stop the development, holding the title of not only the founding father of this area of ​​services, but also a progressive and good company.

At the moment, we are working with minibuses of different brands in our competence as a “point” change and complete overhauls cabin vans Mercedes, Renault, Peugeot, Volkswagen and others.

What we offer to our customers?

  • The highest level of quality.

    Over the years we have put together a team of high quality professionals, modern equipment and experience of the world’s leading companies. Constant training, tracking the novelties and trends, as well as adherence to strict quality standards enable us to guarantee our customers with the excellent result.

  • The accuracy and accountability in all that concerns our work.

    Any of our work, whether it’s interior lining van install any accessories or complete renovation requires a responsible approach, because it affects not only the appearance of the interior, but also the safety of people. Therefore, we use only high-quality materials and components. Not less responsibly and we come to observe the agreed terms of performance. We value customers and do not make them wait. However, our principle – efficiency without compromising quality.

  • The best price.

    We do not drum up customers to “quickly, efficiently and inexpensively.” But in our rules to follow an optimal quality-price ratio, so the issues of pricing, we are approaching a very flexible and democratic.

  • In addition, our customers from abroad, we offer accommodation in holiday or therapeutic spas in the mountains during the time period for the conversion, as well as the purchase of tickets for the trip to Russia.

    The price for the conversion of a van.

    Perhaps this question is one of the most frequently asked. But to answer it precisely is impossible, because the cost of services consists of many factors: the nature of the service, the materials used, the complexity and volume of the work, the special wishes of the client. Since the conversion of minibuses – a service unique to each case, and the price is formed individually.

    As you can see, the possession of minibus does not mean you have to settle for what the manufacturer offers. No matter you have a car or other vehicle, if you want to show individuality, this is no obstacle. Whatever the idea, experts of the company «GT-auto» ready to translate it into reality. We will be happy and realize your dream!